Library Membership:

Library members are the students, faculty members from different departments, officers and other employees of the Habraghat College. Each member is required to apply for library membership in a prescribed form (with duplicate copy of money receipt wherever applicable) attached with a Stamp size recent photograph.

Duration of Library Membership:

As long as he/ she is a regular member of the Habraghat college (eg. membership duration of a T.D.C Student is three years).

Special Membership:

On receipt of request by renowned personalities, the library may offer Special Membership to such persons who will be permitted to use the library. The librarian will place such application at the Library Committee meeting for a final decision. The Committee will decide the duration of membership (six months, one year, and so on), Number of books allowed for issue and such other matter on individual merit.

Temporary Membership:

Students, Researchers, Academicians who are not the member of the college community can apply for Temporary membership of the library for studying reading materials of the library at the library premises. He/ She have to submit valid proof of identity (like College Identity Card, etc) along with the application (prescribed).

Library Fees:

Amount of Library fees (Annually) and Caution Money (Refundable) will be decided by the College which is to be deposited at the time of admission to the academic programme. They are to submit duplicate copy of the admission receipt along with the application for registration of library membership.
They are to pay the amount as demand draft and submit the Duplicate copy of the receipt along with the application form. One can renew his / her Temporary Membership by paying necessary dues.

Period:One week :: Library Fee: Rs 100/-
Period:One Month :: Library Fee: Rs 300/-
Period:One year :: Library Fee: Rs 1000/-

Library Hours:

For all Members: 09.00 AM to 04.00 PM (Other than temporary Members)
Temporary members: 10.00 PM to 02.00 PM

Photostat facilities:

Photostat facility can be availed by all type library members. Large sized books and rare books are not permitted for Photostat.

Internet Facilities:

This facility can be availed by all type library members.

Accessing E-Journals:

E-Journals can be accessed by all type of library members.

Issue of Books:

H.S. and T.D.C Students : 2 Books at a time for 15 days
Faculty Members :10 Books at a time for one semester
Officers`:2 books at a time for one month
Employees (C & D Grade): 2 Books at a time for one month

Overdue charges:

Member who has returned book(s) issued to him/ her after the due date is required to pay the amount as overdue charges as follows:
Up to one month Rs 2 /- per day;
After one month Rs 4 /- per day

Loss of Book issued to a Reader:

If book issued to members is lost, it should immediately be reported to the library. The librarian will take step for the loss as follows:
1.Member should replace such lost book with a new one (same title: bound copy) along with a fine of Rs 50/-
2.f the title is not found in the market after proper searching, other most related book of which price of the new one is not less than the earlier one should be submitted along with a fine of Rs 100/-.
3.In case the book is not possible of be replaced, one has to pay four times of the price of the lost book.

Use of Books:

Every user taking a book out of the library shall be responsible for the book and shall return it undamaged.
Any member entitle to use the library, if found guilty of mutilation or damaging any book or journal of the library will be liable punishment to be decided by the Library committee/ Principal.
Books issued to members are not transferable.
No book shall be issued which in the opinion of the librarian is not in a condition to be safely handled by the borrower.
One will be held responsible if any damage is found at the Circulation Desk while returning the book issued to a reader. Readers are advised to carefully examine the books at the Circulation Desk while issuing the book.

Property Counter:

Members are to keep their bags, polythenes etc at the property counter which is located at the entrance of the library at their own risk. They are advised not to keep valuable items like mobile phone, cash, or such other things in the property counter.

Loss of Library Card:

One should take utmost care so that the library card including identity card is not lost. However, if one has lost a card he/ she should report of such loss to the library immediately. A fine of Rs 25/- will be charged for each card lost. He/ She can ask for duplicate card after paying the necessary fine.

Clearance Certificate:

On completion of their term/ course, Students are to deposit their library cards and library identity card to the library for issue of Clearance Certificate from the Library. They are to get Clearance Certificate from the library immediately after the last day of final examination or date of submission of project works wherever applicable to avoid withheld of examination results.